Dozens of Cars Underwater at Dallas Love Field Airport Parking Due to Torrential Rains

Some parts of Dallas, Texas resembled Kevin Costner’s Waterworld on Wednesday.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Nov 8, 2019 10:00 AM
Dozens of Cars Underwater at Dallas Love Field Airport Parking Due to Torrential Rains

Dallas has been inundated with rain for the past several days, resulting in the flooding of dozens of cars parked in Dallas Love Field Airport's lower level garages, with some being submerged to the roof. Parking Garages A and B were hit hard on Wednesday, according to NBCDFW, but a Twitter user reports seeing over five feet of water at Garage C as well.

Travelers with waterlogged cars are being advised by city officials to file claims with both their personal insurance as well as the City of Dallas Office of Risk Management.

The Texas airport issued a press release Wednesday afternoon saying that lower-level traffic has been closed and will remain so for at least the rest of Wednesday. Ground transportation has been re-routed to the upper-level roads and folks driving to DAL are advised to park at Garage C, which, according to the airport itself, has been unaffected. The release notes that the terminal itself was unaffected and that "the floodwall system installed in 2014 functioned properly." City staff has apparently been working to pump the water out of flooded areas.

Currently, Dallas Love Field is in the process of gathering the plates, makes, and models of all flooded vehicles.

The airport reportedly got hit with 3.30 inches of rainwater Tuesday night through Wednesday morning while other parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area received as much as six inches with more on the way. The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the region until Thursday morning.