‘Trivago Guy’ Arrested for DWI After Police Find Him Asleep in Car Blocking Rush-Hour Traffic

First it was the famous Billy Mays, then the ShamWow guy, and now this. Who's the next pitchman to go rogue?

It appears that being a broadcast television personality and pitchman just doesn’t come without some sort of controversy. Actor Tim Williams, better known as the spokesperson for the travel website, was reportedly arrested recently for a DWI charge in his hometown of Houston, Texas. First, it was Billy Mayes (RIP), then the ShamWow guy (Vince Offer), and now, we have the Trivago guy.

The Houston Chronicle and ABC7 Chicago report that Williams, 52, was caught passed out behind the wheel of his car on the 8800 block of Westheimer at around 3:50 pm CEST on Wednesday, just east of Fondren on the outskirts of Houston. When police responded to reports of a stalled vehicle in a lane of travel, they discovered Williams out cold with his foot still on the brake in the middle of traffic.


Police was then prompted to conduct a field sobriety test while also drawing blood for a BAC reading following this situation of probable cause. Williams failed all the above, leading him to be taken into custody and booked at headquarters.

Court orders following Williams’ arrest found that he was released on a $100 bond and mandated to undergo a mental health or intellectual disability assessment. His court appearance is set for April 17 of this year.

Williams is mostly known for his roles in commercials, which began in 2016. However, his IMDB biography indicates that his acting career began in the mid-1990s with some minor roles in a variety of television shows. Williams had cameos in The Sopranos, Law & Order, and even had a small part in Tom Cruise’s blockbuster, Valkyrie, in 2008.