Lamborghini CEO Suggests All-Electric Grand Tourer Could Come in Late 2020s

Another Lamborghini Espada, perhaps?

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali hinted in an interview that the automaker could launch a two-plus-two hybrid or electric grand tourer within the next decade.

“We are working hard to combine high performance with interior space and driving comfort in a package that, design-wise, should be striking as well as highly efficient in terms of aerodynamics,” Domenicali told Automotive News. “Our target is to reach the market between 2025 and 2027, so we are not in a hurry. We also have to decide which would be the right powertrain in such a time frame and in a segment we have not competed in for over 40 years.”

Lamborghini’s last entry into the grand touring car segment came in the form of the Espada, which it produced between 1968 and 1978. With vehicle propulsion in the future almost certainly going electric, Domenicali considers it possible that a new Lamborghini model in the segment could be an EV. He believes that Lamborghini’s customers aren’t yet ready to accept such a new-fangled concept, but by the time the grand tourer is ready for market, they may be.

“It is [possible], but together with a high-performance plug-in hybrid,” Domenicali said of an electric two-plus-two. “Our final decision should combine what Volkswagen Group could offer in terms of available technology with what Lamborghini customers are asking for. This is the most difficult decision we have to take at Lamborghini and, luckily, we still have time to ponder all the available options.”

“As of today, we do not hear that Lamborghini customers are asking for a battery-powered model, but maybe in seven to nine years they will be—and we should be ready.”