Aston Martin Works Opens Heritage Satellite Showroom in London to Sell Restored Classics

The luxury sports car company opened its new vintage showroom for customers interested in its heritage model classics.

byMarco Margaritoff|
Aston Martin Works Opens Heritage Satellite Showroom in London to Sell Restored Classics


The new Aston Martin Works’ Heritage showroom in London’s Mayfair district is located right alongside the company’s Brand Experience Centre. It will serve as a place to shop the company’s heritage models or learn about restoration services, according to a company press release. 

“The expansion of our Heritage showroom activity into Central London enables us to engage with our customers in the location where they work and live their lifestyle,” said President of Aston Martin Works, Paul Spires. “It also supports the international appeal and invigorated interest in Aston Martin Heritage cars, allowing us to deliver a personal service to customers visiting the [U.K.]”

Aston Martin

The British luxury sports car company was most recently on our radar when it stated its urgent intentions to hire at least one woman to its Board of Directors ahead of an upcoming IPO in London. As for this new Works’ Heritage showroom in Central London, the focus is squarely relegated to maintaining and increasing the brand’s image as a luxurious, world-renowned beacon of sophistication and style, as Spires alluded to in his statement. 

Part of the company’s motivation to establish a centralized hub for its classic cars is likely the financial success of the recent DB4 GT Continuation cars, which is a modern reworking of the classic, as well as the hype surrounding the newly-announced DB5 Continuation model, which is based on the world-famous James Bond Goldfinger vehicle. 

It also doesn’t hurt to have a swanky, luxurious piece of property in the middle of London to remind locals and tourists alike how much staying power the brand really has