Parking On Ice Goes Wrong. Way Wrong.

Let’s just chalk this Wisconsin disaster up to global warming.

byReimy Gonzalez| PUBLISHED Feb 9, 2016 12:15 AM
Parking On Ice Goes Wrong. Way Wrong.

Driving your car onto a frozen lake might seem like insanity, especially to those of you who’ve never ventured north of the Mason-Dixon line. But it’s a fairly common practice here in the north. So there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary when some Wisconsinites recently chose to park on the frozen surface of Lake Geneva.

Problem is, the ice gave way, causing 15 cars to plunge into the icy-but-not-quite-icy-enough waters of the lake. No one was injured, but dive teams had to be scrambled to extract the vehicles.

Unusually warm winter weather is believed to be the culprit, However, Chris Glonin, a Wisconsin TV meteorologist and science reporter, stated on Twitter that lake ice near boat ramps can be less sturdy than expected, weakened as it can be by road salt.

Ironically enough, the vehicles were only parked on the ice because these folks had decided to visit Winterfest, an annual celebration of wintery activities that includes the U.S. National Snow Sculpting competition.