2,083-Piece Lego Concorde Set Will Eviscerate Your Wallet at Mach 2.04

People are leaking Lego sets these days?
Lego Concorde

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I have so many expensive hobbies? I just bought a car dammit, now Lego has come to gut my wallet again with a Concorde jet that I’ll almost certainly buy. Oh wait, it costs what? Now I don’t feel so bad.

The Lego Concorde hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but has apparently leaked through toy news outlet 9to5Toys. Set number 10318 consists of 2,083 pieces, and pays tribute to the west’s only supersonic airliner. Serving from 1976 to 2003, the Concorde could transport 92 to 128 passengers, and reach speeds of Mach 2.04 (or 1,565 mph). It was too loud, expensive, and polluted too much to see continued use, and showed that supersonic air travel isn’t economically viable, it still symbolizes the very pinnacle of air travel to many.

Lego Concorde leaked set. 9to5toys

While most of us lament never being able to fly in one, we can still build shrines to ma Concorde d’amour around Lego’s upcoming set. It’s said to be a relatively detailed model, with functional landing gear and an interior that includes seats—though they’re apparently not sized for minifigures. It includes a display stand and a plaque, so I can stick it on my desk like my engineering professor grandpa did with that little Boeing model he had.

As for price, I expected it to be $500, so I’m real glad to tell you it’ll reportedly cost $199.99, and launch September 4. That means its formal reveal should be soon, and that Lego VIP members might get their feet in the door soon. Now let me go check if I’m one of those, because damn could I use another Lego build day. Not sure if I’ll consume any illicit substances (allegedly) this time though, as fun as that Saturn V assembly was.

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