GM and Volvo Team with Amazon Prime for Trunk Delivery

Your car may now double as a dropbox to protect your parcels from porch pirates.

General Motors, Volvo, and Amazon announced in conjunction Tuesday that delivery to the Amazon Prime members’ automobiles is now a possibility, as a deterrent to “porch pirate” package thieves, with the Amazon Key app.

Eligibility is restricted by region at present, with members of the online retailer’s upgraded Prime membership tier able to check if their region is included on Amazon’s site. Even if a customer resides in a region in which Amazon Key delivery is available, they must own a service-compatible vehicle. Only 2015 model year (or newer) vehicles manufactured by Volvo or General Motors with Onstar equipped will open sesame for parcel handlers. With the vehicle opening on a remote command, delivery personnel will carry no digital skeleton keys.

Vehicles themselves must be within two blocks of the address registered with the account, and cannot be located in multistory parking garages. Just one vehicle may be tied to the service per account, and not every item found in the vast Amazon catalog is eligible. The product must depart from an Amazon warehouse—not an independent seller—and anything in need of a signature cannot be delivered to your trunk. Weight must undercut 50 pounds, and the box cannot exceed 26 by 21 by 16 inches.

“Partnering with Amazon to leverage our embedded in-vehicle connectivity gives Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac owners the option to conveniently receive deliveries inside their vehicle parked at home, work or near other locations in their Amazon address book,” stated Alan Batey, president of GM in North America in his company’s release. “This is another example of how we provide customers with technologies that add value and enhance the ownership experience.”

“Simplifying the customer experience is central to Volvo’s digital vision,” added Atif Rafiq, Volvo’s chief digital officer. “Receiving a package securely and reliably in your car, without you having to be there, is something we think many people will appreciate. This mix of car and commerce is starting the next wave of innovation and we intend to be at the forefront.”