French Supercar Transporter Crashes, Gives Us the Sads

Rest in pieces.

Maybe you read contributing editor Alex Roy’s op-ed on wrecked supercars yesterday. And, maybe, it got you lurking around YouTube for supercars and wrecks. No? Well, I did, and it did. And now there’s this: Video of a car transporter carrying a metric ton of automotive excellence, overturned, its contents spilled out on the roadway like exotic entrails.


The clip, filmed horizontally by a passing French truck driver, because that’s how French people film things, documents the carnage along Autoroute A12. A few Lamborghinis. A Ferrari. A neat Mustang. All toast. Luckily, cars are replaceable, and insurance is a thing. But, still, not a pretty sight.

Moral of the story? If you’re ferrying someone else’s baby, be careful—doubly so in the rain. And, if you can drive your car instead of having it shipped, do that. At least when there’s an “Oopsie,” you’ll know who to blame.