Sleeping Woman Woken Up By Car Crashing Into Bedroom

When all you want to do is sleep in on a Sunday, the neighbors decide to plow through your bedroom wall.

byDave Bartosiak| UPDATED Mar 19, 2018 11:00 AM
Sleeping Woman Woken Up By Car Crashing Into Bedroom

I’m sure we’ve all been jolted awake from a deep sleep by something loud. It could be a car alarm outside our bedroom window or a dog going ballistic for no reason. Early Sunday morning, a South Florida woman got the wake-call of a lifetime when a Volkswagen Passat broke through her bedroom wall and didn’t even have the decency to bring Kool-Aid.

According to Local 10 ABC News, the woman was asleep at around 5 a.m. when the car came barreling through the side of her house. The accident happened in the 3300 block of NW 75th Terrace in Lauderhill, Florida. “When I heard the hissing sound, I realized someone was in the car and I immediately called 911.” The driver of the vehicle was fine and in fact, got up and walked home. “He went home. As if his car was parked in his designated parking spot and he went home.” Reporters from Local 10 attempted to talk to the driver but were told he was at the hospital by a resident who opened the door.

Neighbors say that the street seems to get a lot of attention from tuners and sports cars. They called it somewhat of a racing zone. “Sometimes I hear the vehicle—fast car and loud exhaust pipes,” said witness Boris Brown.

The homeowner is now left with a gaping hole in her bedroom in a house she says was damaged during Hurricane Irma late last year. At least she sounds like she’s got a good outlook on life. “Well, I have my life. Everything is replaceable. It’s just an inconvenience.”

She says if it wasn’t for the bedroom dresser against the wall, she would have been dead. Lucky for her, she was able to walk away without so much as a scratch.