Watch This Very Brief Teaser for the Lexus UX Crossover

Check out that Millennium Falcon taillight.

Lexus News Europe just Tweeted a 15-second teaser for the new Lexus UX crossover, which we saw in concept form at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. The tweet confirms that the production model will be fully unveiled March 6 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The taillights connect in a straight horizontal line that kicks up on both sides and that’s about all we get to see. It makes for a rather striking look that we’re kind of hoping makes its way to the rest of the Lexus lineup. For better or worse, Lexus styling has been pretty edgy lately in an effort to be a luxury brand for a younger crowd. With the massive success of small luxury crossovers lately, it’s hard to imagine the Lexus UX will be anything but a hit.

So, when can we expect to see the UX in the States? “We’ll be putting out more info about U.S. sales of the UX in March after its debut at Geneva,” said a Lexus representative in an email to The Drive.