Serena Williams is the Newest Lincoln Brand Ambassador

Watch Williams reminisce about her old Navigator while enjoying her new one.

byEric Brandt|

Tennis living legend Serena Williams is the newest brand ambassador for American luxury brand Lincoln. “[Williams’] first big vehicle purchase was a Lincoln Navigator that she named ‘Ginger’ after one of her first major tournament wins, and now she is driving the Navigator again as she moves into a new stage of her life—becoming a mom,” said Lincoln in an email to The Drive.

Serena Williams has had a connection with the brand for a while now and now that relationship is official. In the video below, Williams says she got her first Navigator when she was “18 or 19 years old” which would have been right around 2000 making Ginger a first-gen Navigator. She describes it as “all white” with “22 [inch rims].” “I felt like I was kind of balling in a way,” laughs Williams. “We had a lot of fun with Ginger.”

“Now that I have become a mom, I am in my car a lot more so my Navigator is like my new home,” said Williams in a press release. “I take business calls from it, I prepare for my day, and it’s kind of like [my daughter] Olympia’s room—she takes naps, she wakes up, and she’s comfortable in it. For me, that’s what’s most important. I want what makes me feel most comfortable and what I feel most confident in driving. The Navigator checks all of those boxes.”

This is the beginning of a new ad campaign with a clever message about the Navigator. Back in the '90s and 2000s, the folks who admired hulking American luxury SUVs might have liked them for their “balling” character. Now those same people have kids and might want a big SUV for functional purposes like hauling your family around. A perfect vehicle for that would be the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label that Williams is driving in the new promos.

Oh, and don’t worry. Matthew McConaughey isn’t going anywhere.