Mercedes-Benz’s Newest G-Class Is a Throwback to the SUV’s Off-Roading Roots

The latest G-Wagen goes for function over frippery.

 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Wagen

Geländewagen enthusiasts, get excited. Mercedes-Benz has built a hardcore new G-Class ready to take on aggressive off-road trails. But as is the case with too many of our favorite cars, we probably won't see it on American soil.

The G350 d Professional, as Mercedes-Benz calls it, is a normal G-Class with an extra splash of off-road bits. The Professional model has the same off-road all-wheel-drive system and three locking differentials as fancier G-Wagen models, but it also has a modified suspension with 0.39 inches of extra ground clearance, which means it can traverse 9.64 inches of shopping mall speed bumps rocks. It even comes with anti-slip floors and interior drains in lieu of the plush carpets and super-fancy leather of America's bougie Benzes, to make it easier to spray away all the mud and dirt that will undoubtedly accumulate.


This extra-off-road friendly G-Class is powered by a 245-horsepower, six-cylinder diesel engine. Not exactly the 630-horsepower that the G65's 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12 puts out, but at least it's a bit peppier than the 95-horses the old diesel motor Geländewagens had back in the seventies. The G350 d Professional will get you from zero to 62 kph in 8.8 seconds and has a top speed of 99 mph. Obviously, this thing isn't for drag-strip runs or for flogging around race tracks.

Mercedes-Benz also gave the G350 d Professional a ton of unique exterior details to help make sure everyone who sees your big glorious box of a four-by-four knows you own the cool version. The SUV comes with a matte black grille and black five-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels equipped with all-terrain tires. Additionally, the tough mudder of G-Wagens can be optioned with a steel front bumper with winch hookup, protective covers for the headlights and turn signals, heavily-tinted rear glass, a ladder-equipped roof rack, and a wood-covered storage area in the rear. Just make sure you option the side running boards as well, so you don't have to climb up that ladder every time you want to throw jerrycans and other goodies on the roof.

[Disregard that last remark. Running boards are for wimps. —Ed.]


There are thirteen different paint options for the G350 d Professional, but the only ones you really need to know are Desert Sand and China Blue. Those two are exclusive to this particular G-Wagen—which is good, because they're two of the best looking paint options that can be selected for the SUV, at least in The Drive's eyes.

Sadly, for now, it sounds like the G350 d Professional—or as we'll be referring to it from now on, "the coolest one"—will only be available in European markets. If you're one of those lucky Euro-folk, though, get ready to shell out at least €79,968 (about $89,500 these days) to take one of these puppies home.