The Evening Rush for March 18, 2016

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byMax Goldberg|
The Evening Rush for March 18, 2016

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According to reports, the Maserati Levante will start at $72,000 and the premium Levante S will start at $83,000. Both will use a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6, though the Levante will be tuned for 345 hp and the Levante S is said to push out a more aggressive 424 hp. Both seem drastically underpowered for Maserati.

Finally! Jeep has confirmed that a four-door wrangler pickup has been confirmed for the 2018 model year. For now, all we know is that there will be a new generation of the wrangler before the pickup comes, out and FCA reports the new generation will be lighter and safer.

We've all been patiently awaiting the delivery of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and although we'll have to wait a little longer to drive one, Alfa says the Giulia will make an appearance at the New York Auto Show. Sporting three trims—Standard, Ti, and Quadrifoglio—there's a Giulia for everyone. The lower two trims will still remain sporty with a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder capable of producing 276hp and 295lb-ft of torque. Heck, at this point, we'll endorse any trim as long as they let us drive one.

Alfa Romeo


Every Day Carry (EDC) has become a big thing in the world of outdoor adventure, so it isn’t surprising to see an increase in pocketknife options. Although it is smart to always have some form of cutting tool on your person, you don’t always need some honking blade. That’s where Spyderco comes in with their Dog Tag Folder knife. With a simple carbon fiber body and an S30V blade, this little knife is all you need for most activities.

Are you looking to up your videography game? If so, treat yourself to a GoPro and show your friends how cool (or not cool) you really are. Since GoPros are expensive, we did you a favor and found the Hero4 Silver Edition at 20% off. Happy shooting!



Today’s beer pick takes us to Good People Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama. Although the south isn’t exactly known for churning out quality craft beer, Good People Brewing Company has stepped up to the plate and proved they can swing with the big dogs from California and New England. Unfortunately, Good People’s distribution radius is fairly limited, so you're going to have to head down to Birmingham to pick up a pint or can of Hitchhiker IPA (or any other beer). Cheers!

Remember the Back To The Future Nike’s Marty McFly wore? Well, now Kix-Files is releasing 300 limited-edition Back To The Future-inspired backpacks. The backpacks will go for $65 so expect them to sell out immediately.