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Electric Motorcycle Brand Energica to Open Its First Dealership in New York

The Northeast is quickly becoming a good place to be for progressive motorcycle enthusiasts.

byEric Brandt|
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Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer and one of our favorite underdogs to root for Energica is expanding its American presence. It’s opening its first New England dealership by bringing its brand to Hudson Valley Motorcycles, a dealer in Ossining, New York that currently sells Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and electric dirt bike brand Alta Motors. The next closest Energica dealer to the New England is in Raleigh, North Carolina so Hudson Valley Motorcycles will be catering to pretty much the whole Northeast region.

According to Energica, New York has the fifth largest number of motorcyclists of any state in the U.S. and more than four percent of all motorcycles sold in the States in 2017 were sold in the Empire State. It’s also the second largest market for EVs (the biggest obviously being California) having seen massive growth in EV popularity in the last year.

Another big plus of having Energicas available for sale in New York is the fact that the state has a strong EV infrastructure and it’s getting stronger. It currently has the fourth highest number of charging stations of any state and Governor Cuomo has an ambitious plan to add another 10,000 of them to its current number of around 2,400.

With Energica motorcycles only being able to go about 100 miles on a full charge, charging station infrastructure has a lot of influence on where the brand decides to put its dealers. “The massive build-out of charging stations planned for New York makes that state a rival for California as a market for electric motorcycles,” said Energica CEO Stefano Benatti in a statement.

So, if you’re a New England rider who has been interested in the oncoming electric motorcycle revolution, Zero is no longer your only option for an electric bike you can buy locally.