The Garage Newsletter Is Your New Weekly Download of DIY Inspiration

Start your Saturday mornings with our new newsletter that’s all about wrenching and getting the most out of your car.

byAndrew P. Collins|
The Garage Newsletter Is Your New Weekly Download of DIY Inspiration
Andrew P. Collins


Starting Saturday, October 15, your favorite fix-it section of The Drive—The Garage—will be firing off its own weekly newsletter full of wrenching, buying, and car-owning tips and stories. We're hoping to kick off your weekend with some light reading, advice, and hopefully, project inspiration.

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The newsletter will follow the same theme you've seen here on The Garage. The format will feature a little rundown of what we've been getting up to with our own automotive projects, our favorite Garage stories of the week, cheap cars we found for sale around a different region every week, and include some timeless advice you can read for your future reference, or bookmark for when you need it later.

We're also hoping to answer reader repair questions in a "Shop Talk" section, with the idea of invoking some of the great entertaining and educational discourse you might remember from Car Talk segments back in the day. We won't ask you to make the noise your car's making with your mouth. But if you'd like us to try and help you out with a car problem, lend some insight to a project, or make a suggestion for whatever you're working on, drop your prompt in the comment section here or send us an email at! Just make sure you put "Shop Talk" in the subject line so we can easily find it in the inbox. We'll do our best to answer in a way that helps you and anyone else who might have a similar question.

Of course, we'll be testing and tuning this newsletter as we go; and looking forward to getting your feedback as we get this going. But I hope you'll sign up and see what it's all about this Saturday and for many Saturdays to come.

And if you like getting content delivered in this format, be sure to check out our other newsletters Drive Wire (for news) and Drive Deals (you guessed it—product deals!) to complete your collection.