Race Chip’s Independence Sale is Here to Get Your Ride up to Speed

Time to unlock the better version of your car.
Race Chips Independence Day Sale

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All those Fourth of July shenanigans you and your car got into were great, but they likely left you wanting a little more out of your car. You either got too comfortable with what it can currently do, or someone showed you your ride isn’t quite as hot as you thought it would be. It burns when you get your ego put in check, but it’s not the end of the world. Those of you who aren’t stuck in the Stone Age, like me, can take advantage of the Race Chips Independence Day sale to help ring at least a little more out of your cars. 

Right now, you can save up to 25% on Race Chip tuners. That includes the GTS5, GTS5 Black, RX, and XLR5. Which is available to you depends on the make and model you’re rolling with. Race Chip’s massive inventory and massive coverage almost guarantee you savings. No, these deals didn’t end with the Holiday. The offer is good until the 23rd, meaning you can still jump on the tuner you need to unlock a better version of your car. 

RaceChip XLR5 for Honda Type R 2.0T for $194.00

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