Drive Wire: Pasona Group’s Urban Farm Building

Lunch is provided.

This week in design we take a look at Pasona Group’s Urban Farm Building by Kono Designs. Pasona Group is an HR firm that decided to do away with conventional office spaces and create Japan’s most advanced urban farming facility. With nine stories, this vertical farm has over 43,000 square feet of space to harvest over 200 different species of plants. Rather than unutilized space scattered being throughout the building, Pasona chose to install rice paddies and broccoli fields right in the main lobby … there are even tomato vines in conference rooms. In order for the crops to have the maximum yield, Kono engineered the building with intelligent climate controls for humidity, temperature, light and wind. And instead of outsourcing cafeteria food, the urban farm building harvests all their own crops for fresh produce to feed employees. In addition to all these positive effects, the company hosts a variety of agricultural internships to further promote farming. This is by far the best way to promote a healthy work environment and to add farming to your resume.