Part Commuter Bicycle, Part Lamborghini Homage

The new Viks GT is totally unique. 

byMax Prince|
Part Commuter Bicycle, Part Lamborghini Homage


Forget a better mousetrap. Just make us a cooler one.

That’s exactly what Estonian bikemaker Viks has done with its latest urban commuter. Aptly dubbed “Gran Turismo,” the bicycle’s design and styling is entirely based on modern Lamborghinis. So the open-style frame is all triangles and sharp edges and trapezoids, handmade and hewn entirely from aluminum, meaning it’s 40 percent lighter than the firm’s standard road bike. 

© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

The trick tubing is complimented by a single-speed Gates belt drive, mechanical disk brakes, and slick five-spoke carbon fiber wheels. There’s more than a little Huracán LP610-4 in the lines; the balance of the yellow-and-black scheme apes an old Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4.

About that: The bike in these photos is painted Giallo Midas, a legit Lamborghini factory color. But if that’s not your flavor of Sant'Agata Skittle, the folks at Viks will spray the GT another shade from the automaker’s catalog. We’ll take ours in Arancio Atlas, that flake-and-pearl orange created to compliment the Murciélago, the car that signaled a transition to its current design language. 

© Felix Laasme / Hooligan Hamlet

Like new Lamborghinis, the Viks GT design is a love-it-or-hate-it proposition. If you’re in the latter camp, check out the company’s website for details here.