Design: The Fastest Helicopter in the World

In this case, speed is everything.

Today in design we look at the futuristic Eurocopter X-3 helicopter. First flown in September of 2010, this three-rotor helicopter is particularly unique thanks to an impressive top speed of 293 miles per hour. The beasty X-3 is able to achieve such record breaking speeds due two massive Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Turboshaft engines, churning out a total of 4,540 horsepower.  The two tractor rotors allow the helicopter to quickly transfer from vertical lift to cruising with relative ease, making its flight pattern similar to the V-22 Osprey. This innovative design has been showcased around Europe and Airbus Helicopters hopes to get this puppy into production by 2020. Due to its adaptive nature, the X-3 should be an ideal candidate for the offshore oil industry and the brave chaps of wilderness search and rescue. Regardless of where is might end up, we would really like to take one on our next adventure…cough, cough.