This Snow-Bike Concept Is Baffling and Totally Badass

S&M on a ski-track.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Apr 22, 2016 11:06 PM
This Snow-Bike Concept Is Baffling and Totally Badass

What you’re looking at is the latest design concept from Joey Ruiter. Unlike his firm’s other recent concept vehicles, an off-road buggy and ice-cycle, this one does not have wheels. Instead, it has a single ski-track. He calls it the Snoped (read: “snow-ped”) for fairly obvious reasons. It is very, very black. After watching the promotional video three times, I’m still not entirely sure why it exists. But I want one. Badly.

Who wouldn’t want one? According to the spec sheet, the body is six inches wide, a little over six feet long, and made from lightweight aluminum and composite materials. The motor is an exposed 90cc job; the track is simply listed as “1980/something Chrysler Sno-runner.” It is a harsh, industrial thing that might be fast but probably isn’t. No matter. The Snoped looks like an old IBM computer crossbred with a large caliber machine gun magazine, or maybe a bespoke wintertime cafe racer for the missing third member of Daft Punk. It is the embodiment of minimalist weird-cool.

Check out the video below and revel in its glory.