Design: Milan’s Vertical Forest

Green is the new black.

byThe Drive Staff|
Design: Milan’s Vertical Forest

Today in Design we travel to Milan, Italy to visit the Bosco Verticale or Vertical Forest. Comprised of two residential buildings, the Vertical Forest is a residential development with a heavy plant life influence. With over 8,900 square feet of terraces between the two buildings, the Vertical Forest brings a ton of green to the otherwise concrete city. The two buildings feature a combined 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 perennials. To put that into perspective, that’s around the amount of plant life you would find in 2.5 acres of dense forest. In order to prevent trees from falling off the 26th floor, that would be bad, engineers carefully tested the building’s design in wind tunnels to ensure proper wind shielding. In addition, engineers strategically built the terraces with a concrete-steel hybrid construction so they would be able to withstand the weight of the growing foliage. It seems like green is the new black.