This Website Will Teach You How to Be a Car Nerd

If anyone’s ever asked you how to get started in the hobby, here’s your answer.

byMack Hogan|
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Budapest-based programmer Alex Muir has created a website designed to help people start learning about cars. The website,, bills itself as "[y]our complete & free guide to every part of a car" and is written in clear, jargon-free language that should be readable even by your friends who think differential is a only a calculus term. Once you've familiarized yourself with the terms, you can move on over to the "manuals" section of the website, which over 3,000 workshop and owner's manuals for popular cars. All of this, we should note, is completely free. There will be paid content coming later, however. 

The website will also host a video series in which hosts completely disassemble an NC Miata and put it back together, explaining how each part of the car works in the process. The normal price for the series will be $80, but gearheads-in-training can preorder it today for $20. The site says the video is on track to be release in May with an app coming in July. 

A preorder earns you immediate access to the PDF of "How Cars Work," access to the video when it's released, your name in the credits, and an open invite to "[c]ome and visit the How a Car Works garage, and enjoy a cup of tea or a beer with us."

Update Sunday, March 26 1:16 EST: This story has been updated with the creator's real name and occupation, which he provided to The Drive.

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