Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson

Staff Writer

Peter Nelson is a Staff Writer at The Drive. He often finds himself blogging about all-things motorsports and off-roading as he's thoroughly infatuated with having fun behind the wheel. But his automotive enthusiasm is quite expansive and digs just about every corner of the industry.


  • Interests include BMWs, motorsports, old Land Rovers, do-it-yourself maintenance, track driving, and road cycling
  • Enjoys writing about about wide variety of subjects, as well as his experiences behind the wheel and beneath a safely supported project car
  • Previous work experience: Winding Road Racing/Winding Road Magazine, a very brief stint in banking, several fulfilling years in non-profit, a short-yet-fun tenure as a Chicago bicycle messenger


Nelson graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in German and a minor in International Studies.

Words of Wisdom

“I swear, at least 40 percent of the reasoning behind the Discovery badge is because you’re always discovering leaks.”


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