Joe Ligo

Joe Ligo

Contributing Writer

A documentary filmmaker and former producer for MotorWeek on PBS, Joe Ligo is a contributing writer at The Drive. He enjoys researching and writing about lesser-known intersections of cars and pop culture, as well as the history of defunct U.S. automakers. He owns a 1972 AMC Ambassador and is currently working on a documentary about the history of American Motors Corporation.


  • Interests include automotive history, agriculture, cooking, electric vehicles, and what makes car companies succeed or fail.
  • He’s an enthusiastic member of the American Motors Owners Association (AMO).
  • He’s interviewed Malcom Bricklin, was once retweeted by Jim Farley, and met the two guys from Air Supply.
  • Bylines include The Drive and Hagerty, and he’s produced video content for MotorWeek and founded the YouTube channel Automoments.


Joe started contributing to The Drive in spring of 2021. Prior to that, he produced the Emmy-winning TV series Maryland Farm & Harvest, and prior to that he was a video/producer editor for the TV show MotorWeek. His 2013 documentary, The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer, placed 3rd at the National College Television Emmy Awards.


Joe grew up on a farm and attended college for broadcast communications.

Fun Fact

Nobody in his family has ever owned a “fun” car. The closest was his father’s brief time with a 4-cylinder Mustang II.