Let This Austin Healey Sprite Get You Ready For Goodwood

The 75th annual Members Meeting is this weekend, so enjoy a bit of eye candy to tide you over.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Let This Austin Healey Sprite Get You Ready For Goodwood


Despite what your friend on the East coast says about H20i, Goodwood is the greatest automotive gathering there is. With separate, unique events spreading throughout the year, each one is filled with both pre- and post-war cars that impress us with their capability and originality. The Members Meeting brings together owners of all types that share the secular affection for car history and performance, keeping onlookers in shock and awe with every powerslide and downshift. This yellow Austin Healey Sebring Sprite is a stellar example of Britain's heyday, and thanks to its lively behavior, it's spirit is infectious.

With Richard Woolmer at the wheel, the skinny-tired Sprite likes to drift. Although the clip is in full color, it reminds me of classic racing footage that you could find under a pile of books at your grandpa's house. My brain automatically defaults back to a grainy picture of English heroes hucking it from turn to turn with loads of understeer to boot. As the Healey shares the track with several other vintage cars, it can't help but steal the limelight thanks to its lighthearted theatrics.

We look forward to the rest of the weekend and everything that Goodwood brings with it. This two-minute clip should be enough to get your fire started so we match pace for excitement, leading to total coverage of the event on the Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube channel.

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