Clear the Snow Off Your Car With This One Simple Trick

There's no excuse for the lazy anymore.

Heading out to face the wrath of yesterday’s late-season blizzard, one Pennsylvania man got a little creative with his method to remove all the snow covering his Dodge Ram – the humble, out-of-season leaf blower.

Jamie Wagner of Cogan Station, Pennsylvania, posted this video of himself cleaning off the HEMI-powered Ram yesterday morning. The leaf blower makes quick work of the snow, with the truck mostly clean in under two minutes.

In Pennsylvania and several other northern states, drivers can face a fine if snow and ice flying off their cars damages another or causes an accident. States like New Jersey and Connecticut take it further; police can pull over any snow-covered car they believe poses a hazard to others.

Even in New York, where no such law exists, police say they can stop motorists if they believe the snow is obstructing the drivers’ view.

Of course, plenty of people think clearing off their cars is too much of a hassle, especially reaching across an icy roof. That’s why it’s important to remember how dangerous that negligence can be:

So a big thank you Jamie for highlighting a simple way to solve this problem. If necessity is the mother of invention, then let’s call “avoiding more work” the mother of inspiration.