VW Arteon Officially Released

It’s a looker.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Mar 6, 2017 7:09 PM
VW Arteon Officially Released

Volkswagen's finally got a replacement for the CC sedan. The former range-topping model had been around since 2012 without many changes, and with the new Arteon, VW could really be on to something. It reaches an upper echelon of the manufacturer's lineup by reaching awfully close to Audi territory, but that's a good thing. Teasers only showed us so much, and now, we've seen it in its entirety.

The major change from the CC to the Arteon is the design. It's a contemporary design that beats out the still-handsome model it replaces, sharing a striking resemblance with the concept. With a unique hatch design, it's as elegant as it is useful. The open-faced grill blends nicely with the LED headlights, a feature that also carries on to the rear. The Arteon has an upscale feel that rivals that of more premium brands, placing VW in a category they've been absent from since the Bentley-derived Phaeton.

The interior is a combination of upper-level VW and Audi components. Highly-spec'd models will feature Virtual Cockpit, a nifty bit of tech that displays turn-by-turn navigation and various other infotainment through the digital instrument cluster. The R-Line trim showed here carries on a sporty theme with leather and piano black accents, something that will probably make its way to other Arteon levels. 

It will feature a wide lineup of engine choices as well. A 2.0L TSI sits atop the totem pole producing 280 HP in Euro spec while paired to the new 7-speed DSG dual clutch gearbox. A more economical turbo four is also available, directing its attention towards fuel economy while producing 148 HP. A six speed manual will also be available for mid-range power applications in true VW fashion. We likely won't get any TDI options like other markets, so we'll have to do with the torque and efficiency of the gasoline options.

Expect pricing to clock in from the mid-$30K to low $40K range. This is a marginal increase over the CC, but then again, it's a new model with unique tech from its predecessor. It's rumored to arrive sometime next year, though we haven't had confirmation from VW.