Kia Releases 3 Unique Autonomous Concepts at Chicago

The manufacturer is putting a different spin on driverless cars and their purpose.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jul 29, 2019 1:59 AM
Kia Releases 3 Unique Autonomous Concepts at Chicago

Although autonomy is seen as the future of convenience, it's viewed in a simple light -- according to Kia. We know that one day we'll be able to ride to and from work without hassle and muddle through traffic while playing on our phones and doodling our thumbs, but these three concepts show some of the technology's unique purposes that no one seems to think about. The Kia Sorento Ski Gondola, School of Rock Sedona, and Niro Triathlon promote a healthy lifestyle and show what autonomy can really do for you.


The Sorento Ski Gondola is your own personal shuttle on the slopes. It's for those who are tired of getting stuck on the lifts or trudging up hills with loads of equipment. Fitted with impressive snow tracks and all terrain capabilities, this special version of the Sorento is set to chauffeur you around the resort and follow you up and down the hills so you don't have to worry about catching a ride. The concept was built by LUX Motorwerks and uses top grade materials to ensure quality and resilience -- you know, that way it doesn't fall apart. Or tumble down the hill.


The School of Rock Sedona is full of fun. It utilizes every surface to pack in as much equipment as possible, doing away with the steering wheel to mount a mixing board for producers and hanging a mic from the roof to record top-notch audio. It's loaded to the high heavens with other equipment including amplifiers and specific furnishings for the whole band. This may be one of the coolest vans we've seen, and that includes the Bisimoto 1,000 HP Honda Odyssey.


Lastly, the Niro Triathlon is for the dedicated fitness junky. It's your sidekick for running, biking, and swimming while providing a rehabilitation area for your cool down time afterwards. Based upon the Niro Hybrid, it combines efficiency with autonomy to create an innovative tool for owners. To create extra room for rehabilitation in the cabin, the A-Pillar has been removed to increase interior capacity. Inside, you'll find a recliner to relax in while your Niro Triathlon takes you back home or to the next gym, making it an all-around utility.