Drone Racing League’s New Partnership with Allianz “Bigger Than Many Traditional Sports”

Season two of the Drone Racing League will bring faster UAVs, crazier courses, and an international championship with corporate sponsorship.

byAndrew Siceloff|
Drone Racing League’s New Partnership with Allianz “Bigger Than Many Traditional Sports”

Drone racing started with hobbyists and homemade race gates zooming around local parks, but the sport quickly spread like wildfire, with local racing chapters sprouting around the world. That's when the Drone Racing League (DRL) seized the opportunity. Partnering with ESPN and other media outlets across the globe, DRL began pitting top pilots in episodic races, culminating in a world championship at the end of the season. In doing so, the league brought a local sport to an massive audience; season one of the Drone Racing League brought in 28.2 million broadcast viewers in the United States alone. 

Drone Racing League and Allianz are teaming up for season two

With these staggering numbers in its pocket, the opportunities to expand were everywhere. So it comes as little surprise to hear DRL has announced a partnership with Allianz on a international six-race championship series, in what may be the biggest deal in drone racing to date.

Although DRL wouldn't comment on how much the deal was specifically for, Ben Johnson of DRL did say that the deal was "far and away [the] biggest in drone racing, and frankly bigger than many traditional sports."

Upping the stakes, season two will bring a faster fleet of 350 drones all capable of exceeding 90 miles per hour—10 mph faster than last year. The courses should be more challenging, as well. 

To stay up to date with the Drone Racing League, check out drl.io.  And if you want to start training to be drone racing's next top pilot, here's a list of local chapters you can join.