This Subaru BRZ Turbo Is The Widebody STI Subaru Never Made

If Subaru won't turbocharge the BRZ, then an army of tuners will.

Toyota and Subaru can apply as many facelifts to the current BRZ/86 platform as they want, but it won’t change the opinions of most car enthusiasts – the car is simply too underpowered. For years, rumors have teased turbocharged versions that promise to provide the nimble sports cars the power it deserves. Ultimately, the rumors only disappointed.

But you only have to do a little bit of research to find there are plenty of options out there. Whether you’re looking for turbocharging or supercharging, reputable brands including Greddy, Crawford, HKS, Cosworth, Vortech and more offer their own forced induction kits that give the Toyobarus significantly more kick.

The result? I mean, you can already imagine, right? Aussie YouTuber Hartnett Media shared a slick video of Mak’s boosted Subaru BRZ, and despite Australia’s notoriously strict anti-hooning laws, it looks like a BRZ and an AVO turbo kit is just the sort of recipe that makes a person act a little rebellious.

It’s not clear how much power Mak’s BRZ is putting down, but the AVO kits are commonly tuned from 250hp and up. The licks of flame shooting from the BRZ’s exhaust promise a hilarious good time as well.

The added power is also complemented with a V1 Rocket Bunny wide body kit to accommodate wider tires wrapped around a set of Work Meister wheels (Mak can still throw it sideways). The wide body and wheel combination is pretty customary among the 86/BRZ community and hardly breaks any new ground, but I still find the Rocket Bunny V1 to be one of the most timeless options available for the platform and gives the car an almost ‘OEM Plus’ aesthetic.

Unfortunately, Hartnett’s YouTube description reveals the fun little video would be the last before Mak sold the BRZ. All good things eventually come to an end after all and we’re happy to see Mak got the most out of his car before parting ways.