Mitsubishi Releases Video Celebrating 100 Years

This year marks a century for one of Japan’s oldest manufacturers.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Mitsubishi Releases Video Celebrating 100 Years

As of late, Mitsubishi's fate has been up in the air. They decided to end production in the US, then they were bought out by Renault Nissan. They're starting to show signs of life, releasing new concepts like they did at this year's Detroit Auto Show. The alliance is proving that their is still some left to muster for the manufacturer, bringing back what the people (and Mitsubishi) need.

This video shows the most significant moments in the automakers history. A century of innovation has led to a diverse history of motorsport and road cars that change the way that the auto industry does things. Legendary models have shaped enthusiast culture and provided consumers with attainable and affordable cars that are now iconic, both for style and uniqueness.

The company's future will surely be similar to that of the others, assuming their majority owners decide to keep them running. Plug in hybrid and electric cars will be a major part of their consumer lineup, making for exceptional fuel mileage and budget-minded pricing. This is a field that they'll have to hit hard on as they've built a reputation for economy.

Watch and learn some things you may not have known about Mitsubishi. For a company that doesn't get talked about much anymore, they've had some genuinely good times that made an impact on today's car scenery.