3500 Miles Traversed in Two Weeks 

It's possible with the proper gear.

Back in September, photographer Leo Bertelli took his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited on a 3500-mile fishing expedition in just two weeks. With the full understanding of the potential terrain and conditions ahead, the avid fly-fisherman prepared for the journey.


On top of the tedious mapping and preparation that goes into an adventure such as this, ensuring the vehicle was equipped for the excursion was paramount. Opting to set up a mattress inside the vehicle for camping purposes, gear storage was a primary concern that needed to be addressed with the appropriate equipment.


Bertelli did his homework and equipped his Wrangler with the necessary upgrades that would make his expedition as carefree as possible. He ultimately decided on a host of heavy duty products from Rhino-Rack, a company that has been providing vehicle storage solutions for 25 years. The Rhino-Rack Backbone System and Pioneer Platform were at the center of the build as they provided improved vehicle rigidity and some serious load carrying capability. Bertelli’s JK was also outfitted with gas stove drawers, foldable tables and water and gas tanks.

Follow Leonardo Bertelli on Instagram for more of his travels and stay tuned for what's sure to be an amazing video of the trip coming soon! For more on the gear used, check out some additional pics and info below!


Rhino-Rack Jeep JK Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone

The combination of the Rhino-Rack Backbone with the Pioneer Platform have a static load rating of 800-lbs and dynamic load rating of 264-lbs which is distributed evenly across the structure of the Jeep. One of the biggest problems with traditional roof racks and baskets is that they're made from steel which eventually rusts and fades. If you've ever scratched your rack on the trails, you know it doesn't take long after that for it to rust. The Pioneer Platform is constructed from non-corrosive, reinforced nylon and aluminum. This means it will be tough, lightweight and dependable for as long as you own your rig.