Do You Think the Faraday Future FF 91’s Looks Match its Intelligence?

Is it striking? Sure. But handsome? You decide.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:45 PM
Do You Think the Faraday Future FF 91’s Looks Match its Intelligence?

This tends to happen with concept cars. They throw every angle at you, shoving innovation and other hot buttons into every crevice. They're streamlined beyond recognition, making some indistinguishable from the others. But can the same be said about the Faraday Future FF 91?

This video harps on its design. It's clay model shows careful attention to detail, passing through the windtunnel with what seem to be impressive results. It's certainly a smart shape, but is it one that will grow on you? That's a little harder to answer. It's bold rear 3/4 view catches your attention easily, continuing your glance to the front. As you work your way up, you pass by a relatively featureless midsection. Your eyes are quick to skip it, as if it weren't even there. Why? Of course, they want to resignate beauty with the lack of clutter, and that's certainly put to use for the FF 91. But does it leave a lasting impression?

For what seems to be a truly clever car, it needs to have a recognizable shape. One that will stay with you instead of passing by without a second thought. With that being said, this could just be how it is anymore. Smooth curves, extensive use of LEDs, and plenty of windows. What do you think of the Faraday's styling?