New Car Sales in US Reach All Time High

Put 2016 in the record books.

After a hint of doubt from industry experts, new car sales reached an all time high for the 2016 production year. As deals and incentives grew, sales followed suit, making for a significant improvement over 2015. Though some manufacturers had a better time than others, they all contributed to what has become a hopeful year for the auto business. Automotive News claims a jump of 56,000 units from 2015, a 0.3% increase.

Several automakers saw a leap in sales this year. Big hitters include Subaru (up 5.6% from 2015),  Nissan (+5.4%), and Honda (+3.2%). Nissan found their success in the form of its Rogue SUV; the vehicle was the brand’s top-seller for the first time in history. Honda’s rejuvenated Civic propelled them towards a significant improvement, proving the investment’s worth. The Odyssey and Pilot both saw a slight decrease, which is a bit surprising with the SUV market always on the rise. Kia and Hyundai were on the up-and-up as well,

Incentives were through the roof, helping catapult each of these brands’ figures. December made for an excellent time to buy a new car as manufacturers offered surprising deals on seemingly every model. Electric and hybrid vehicles of course earn buyers added government incentives, putting even more money in their pockets. This strategy had a large hand in the all-time peak we saw this previous year.

While some saw big gains in 2016, others missed out on the magic. General Motors saw a decrease of 1.3% with Ford joining them at a slighter .4% decline. FCA had a marginal fall of