Kia GT Teased Once More Ahead of Its Debut

Kia’s fastest accelerating car yet pokes its head in this video by the manufacturer.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 7:01 PM
Kia GT Teased Once More Ahead of Its Debut

What will it be like having a Kia that accelerates to 60 MPH in a shade over 5 seconds? I'm not sure, to be honest. The Korean manufactuer has toyed around with going fast before, but not to this extent. They've went on and on about their new GT model that is set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show, and it's got us curious. Could this be a viable alternative to other sports sedans made by established performance manufacturers? We think it just may be.

Kia is a rapidly growing brand. It's made a name for itself in terms of value, which has always been the company's selling point towards a budget-minded audience. They've built up the quality of their cars, giving them a reputation much higher than once they had once earned. And now, they begin to dabble in speed. That's always exciting. As the company adds to its repertuar, they broaden their capabilities much wider than some may have given them credit for.

The GT could have several possible engine choices. We expect it to be released with a V6 option, perhaps sharing a powerplant with its sister model, the Genesis G80. The 3.8L lump produces 311 HP conservatively with a possibility for more. Who knows, Kia may even surprise us by producing a V8 version as well. This would be a real riot as the 5.0L found in several Genesis models makes upwards of 420 HP.

We'll probably be taunted once more by the GT before its official release. Until then, we're left to speculate of what the sporty Kia could be. Will it be a successful first crack at the performance game? Or will it make the manufacturer turn its cheek the other direction towards building economy sedans forever? I'm excited to find out.