Drive Wire For December 20th, 2016: GM Temporarily Halts Car Production

With too much inventory, GM pulls back the reigns.

byMax Goldberg|

Today on Drive Wire we take a look at General Motors and their halt on car production.

GM is planning to temporarily stop car production at several factories due to excess inventory. As of November, GM had 847,000 vehicles in inventory, a number significantly higher than the comfortable inventory normally allocated across the country.

With the recent crossover craze, GM has found itself a little too flush with cars and will be reducing sedan and coupe production to compensate. The Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Fairfax Assembly plant will stop production for three weeks, the Lansing Grand River facility will stop production for two weeks, and the Lordstown and Bowling Green plants will stop production for one week as well.

When all is said and done, GM hopes to reduce car inventory across all brands to approximately a 70-day inventory.