Drive Wire for September 13th, 2016: Ken Block and Hoonigan Release Gymkhana 9

A 600-horsepower Ford Focus RS RX travels to Buffalo, New York to wreak havoc.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Sep 13, 2016 5:53 PM

Today on Drive Wire, we're all about Ken Block's latest video of tire-shredding mayhem. Block takes his 600-horsepower Ford Focus RS RX through the streets of Buffalo, NY for Gymkhana 9, released today. While the video itself is, of course, full of smoke, squeal and near-misses, what its missing is one famed opera house. The original setting for this Gymkhana was Sydney, Australia, but Block hit numerous roadblocks with local authorities during the planning and had to abandon plans to shoot in the iconic city. For more, check out the above video.