Six In-Car Apps for a Super Smooth Ride

From food maps to pre-sourced parking spots, the S90’s seamless integration with your smartphone makes getting around easier than ever.

In the S90, a cluttered dash is a thing of the past. Volvo’s Sensus Connect integrates seamlessly with your phone, the in-car navigation, Internet radio, and other car features. Combining the best of Scandinavian style and modern connectivity, the Sensus Connect makes using these free, indispensible in-car apps easy (Some apps do not come pre-installed, but you can easily download and install them from the cloud at any time): 


Park and Pay. Forget circling the block to find a parking spot: with Park and Pay, which comes installed in the S90’s Sensus Connect, you can search for vacant parking spaces with a few easy clicks. Park and Pay-enabled spots are displayed in the app with an icon in list view, which also contains detailed information about each parking space. You can pay via the app by registering your form of payment on Park and Pay’s website. You’ll be able to park and be on-the-go faster than ever.

Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify. While your favorite FM radio stations are never more than a swipe away, during a commercial break or the tenth replaying of that top 40 song you’ve heard too many times, you may want another option. Click on Spotify. The streaming Internet radio app comes pre-installed in the Sensus Connect and “learns” your taste in music based on criteria like how often and how actively you play different artists, songs, and more. You can stream via a data connection from the S90’s wireless system or your smartphone and create stations based on genres, artists, albums, or even songs.

Disclaimer: A premium account is necessary in order to log into Spotify, free accounts will not work

Courtesy of Glympse

Glympse. Also preloaded in the Sensus Connect, the real-time GPS app Glympse allows your loved ones to keep track of you anytime you’re in your car. Use it to share your ETA, coordinate meeting with several people in different vehicles, or just give your friends and family peace of mind. And don’t you worry — only those you share with can view your Glympse, so your location stays between you and your inner circle.

Courtesy of Yelp

Yelp. If you’re embarking on a road trip, don’t take off before downloading Yelp. Whether you want to find a cozy coffee shop, a farm-to-table hotspot or a trendy gift shop, the app lets you search in any area and read reviews from locals in the know. It also lets you know if a restaurant is currently open or closed, lets you make Open Table reservations without leaving the app and add reviews of your own. 

Courtesy of Tunein

Tunein. You can never have enough options for entertainment while you’re on that long cross country trip. With over 100,000 live radio stations and more than 5.7 million on-demand programs, TuneIn gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music, news, and talk radio from wherever you are. Additionally, TuneIn Premium lets subscribers listen to the NFL, MLB, NBA, over 60k audiobooks, and commercial-free music stations, ensuring you’ll never run out of things to listen to.

Courtesy of Stitcher

Stitcher. Getting tired of just listening to tunes while you’re out on the road? Look no further than Stitcher. The app helps you listen to over 65,000 radio shows and podcasts with out and downloading or syncing. No matter where you are you’ll never miss that crucial news update, or the next episode of your favorite podcast.