Own the Commute

Close the big deal. Search for a cup of joe. The S90 makes it possible to do it all from the driver’s seat—with your eyes always on the road—using the latest technology.

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Own the Commute

Start-and-stop, stop-and-go. Americans spent 8 billion hours stuck in traffic last year according to a study by traffic analytics firm Inrix. No wonder we’re so stressed out by the time we make it to the office. But your commute is about to get an overhaul.

Enter Volvo’s “Now and Whenever” design, which is based on a simple concept: Prioritize what’s important, and put aside what can wait. The S90’s Head-Up Display and steering wheel controls put critical information directly in front of you, while the Sensus Touchscreen lets you take care of less critical activities, like adjusting the ambient lighting, so you can focus on the road.

Whether you need to call a colleague or check the weather app, the S90 puts information where you need it, like a personal assistant riding shotgun. You won’t even know you’re multitasking.

Here’s how it works:

Prioritizes information

You can keep an eye on your speed, read road signs and get directions with the available Head-Up Display, which projects preferred semi-transparent information on the windshield. Plus, the system gives you warnings of any imminent danger.

Has a smart, intuitive display

Driver Display is easy on the eyes—in more ways than one. Turn on the S90 and the digital display goes from an elegant high-gloss black to the color and visual appearance that you choose. And no more squinting when you try to read a screen on a sunny day—the display brightness adapts automatically to surrounding light. Driver Display—with a high-resolution screen so clear your front-seat passenger can read it—helps you keep track of what’s going on inside the car as well as outside. Indicator symbols light up to remind you to check tire pressure or let you know that the automatic brake system and rain sensor are activated.

Helps you stay connected

Wherever the highways and byways you drive, Sensus Connect will keep you—and your passengers—connected. Up to eight devices can share the S90’s Wi-Fi Hotspot, so everyone can cruise the Internet. The intuitive design of the 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen—high-mounted, big virtual buttons, large surface area—makes it easy to get a weather update or find a nearby restaurant. And Apple CarPlay allows you to integrate your iPhone (5 or later) into the S90. Summon Siri via the Sensus Touchscreen. Or with a double tap of the easy-to-find command button on the S90’s steering wheel. Or by voice commands using the car’s audio system. Make a call, write a text, get directions, or even deejay your Spotify playlist

Of course, you can stay connected to the S90—anytime, anywhere—with your smartphone through the Volvo On Call app. Left the windows open? Close them from wherever you are, and check the fuel while you’re at it. In a hurry? You can have the engine running and the climate control blowing before you leave the building.