This Batmobile Concept Makes the Batman v Superman Version Look Terrible

But let’s not lie, Bat-fleck’s Batmobile didn’t need much help with that.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie with more than its fair share of problems. In the flood of complaints, beefs, and aggravations about the film, however, one of the lesser ones has been largely lost in the deluge: Ben Affleck's Batman drives one ugly-looking Batmobile.

Seriously, look at it. It looks like the bastard child of a B-2A Spirit and a Plymouth Prowler. It looks like a low-top sneaker Godzilla would buy for his five-year-old kid. It looks like a Decepticon who suffered a stroke mid-transformation. It is Gross, with a capital G and mandatory italicization.

Encho Enchev

Luckily for us, Bulgarian 3-D artist Encho Enchev has whipped up a better version. Inspired by the Bat-fleck's visually abhorrent ride, Enchev whipped up a new Batmobile concept that combines the lethality of Christopher Nolan's Tumbler with the raciness of a Le Mans prototype. Low-slung and lean, it trades the super-long dash-to-axle ratio of Batman v Superman's Batmobile for a sleek, cab-forward design, complete with a fighter jet-inspired canopy that wouldn't look out of place on future Formula One race cars.

Encho Enchev

And the closer you look, the more homages to the Dark Knight spring into view. The fins over the rear wheels bring to mind the ears on Batman's cowl. The cowcatcher grille guard vaguely resembles the shape of the hero's logo. And the nom du guerre of its caped occupant is painted on either side the canopy. We don't see Bruce Wayne doing that...but we do see Alfred indulging his dry British sense of humor and popping it on there in a moment of whimsy.

Encho Enchev

Now, if only we could have someone replace the rest of Batman v Superman with a better movie.