Drive Wire: January 28, 2016

The new Volvo XC90, a brawny GMC, Jag’s F-Type SVR, a cottage trailer, and northern lights.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Jan 28, 2016 4:30 PM
Drive Wire: January 28, 2016

Hey guys, it’s Christina Thompson and this is Drive Wire for Thursday, January 28th.

Good news from Volvo, who are launching a new version of their impressive XC90. It’s called the T5 and the great part is the price, which starts at 44,000, five grand less than the previous cheapest version. Of course, for that you get a little less – five seats instead of seven, and front-wheel drive instead of all. The T5 also has the smallest motor, a 250-horse turbo four. But that’s all many people really need, and if the price helps get you into this handsome thing, that’s great! You can always add all-wheel drive for an extra 2,000. In this case, less is more for a lot of folks.

In the world of pickups, GMC has introduced the Sierra All Terrain X, a brawnier version of their upmarket full-sized truck. This Sierra has a capable off-road suspension and a locking rear differential. The engine gets a ten horsepower boost bringing it up to 365 from its 5.3 liter V8 thanks to a freer-flowing exhaust. Although this truck will leave you grinning after a long day of mudding, we don’t think the fellows at Ford are considering this a Raptor competitor, but if you want a comfy truck you can run through the rough stuff, the All-Terrain X might be the Sierra for you.

In sexy British car news, Jaguar will be bringing the 200-mile-per-hour F-Type SVR to Geneva. They’ll also presumably be bringing more information, because that 200-mile-per-hour number is the only one they’ve released so far. We’ve heard reports that it will hit 60 miles per hour in well under four seconds, so it probably has around 570 horsepower. Jaguar is calling it “the all-weather supercar,” so it most likely has all-wheel drive. All we know for certain is, it’s gorgeous, fast and we can’t wait to know more.

In today’s gear spotlight we have something a lot slower. The Collingwood Shephard’s Trailer has wheels but this little cottage is built for taking it easy. And it’s built beautifully, with your choice of woods and handmade brass fittings. We’re not sure about the tiny house thing, but as a camper house or a clubhouse, the Collingwood seems perfect. Design yours at

In today’s ridiculous video, we have fan-powered parasailer Horacia Llorens flying through the northern lights. With led lights accenting the parasail, we get to watch beauty in motion as Llorens peacefully sails through the Aurora Borealis.

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