Kia Teases New Super Bowl Commercial With Fittipaldi and a Mystery Driver

Two eternally youthful racing legends meet up on an abandoned racetrack in this short teaser for Kia's upcoming Stinger GT Super Bowl ad.

Grab the chicken wings and pizza my friends because it’s almost time for the Super Bowl. While most of the country will be rooting for the demise of the Patriots there is something else that pretty much the entire nation can agree on—the enjoyment of watching Super Bowl commercials. For sure we’re going to be inundated with car commercials and that’s just fine with me. Today, Kia teased its upcoming Super Bowl commercial with a 15-second spot.

Kia points out that the Stinger was designed in Frankfurt and developed on the Nurburgring. It took the company about six years from concept car to production of the new model. It’s already won plenty of praise from the automotive community. Having seen one myself at the dealership, I can attest it’s a really nice looking car.

The ad features two Kia Stingers on an abandoned racetrack driven by two racing legends that Kia calls, “Eternally youthful.” One of them is two-time Formula One and Indianapolis 500 champion Emerson Fittipaldi. The other one remains a mystery. After an opening featuring the sun rising above bleachers, with garbage blowing into the stands, the screen goes dark. It then reveals someone with a chrome polished fingernail and large ring pushing the Start/Stop button, firing up the Stinger GT. The scene then fades to black once again, and the camera reveals the two Kias on the race track, with the legend, Fittipaldi standing with his back to one car while giving an approving nod to the other.

Who does this mystery hand belong to? We’re going to have to wait until sometime during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb. 4 for the full 60-second spot to air. This marks the ninth consecutive year that Kia has had a commercial during the Super Bowl.