Subaru Donates Supplies to Get School up and Running

The New Jersey school was shut down after its pipes burst from cold weather and Subaru donated supplies to get them back to teaching.

byDave Bartosiak| PUBLISHED Jan 19, 2018 5:15 PM
Subaru Donates Supplies to Get School up and Running

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean all the “feel good” stories are over. Subaru gave everybody a case of the warm fuzzies with its “Share the Love” campaign this year. The giving hasn’t stopped just because the campaign is over. According to Subaru, a school in Camden, New Jersey re-opened with new supplies from Subaru of America.

Earlier this month, record-breaking cold temperatures caused all sorts of havoc on the eastern seaboard. The Riletta Twyne Cream Family School suffered major water damage after a pipe burst during the cold snap. After the damage was done, teachers tried to get back to work but they had a problem. They needed to stock up on new school supplies because the old ones were damaged by the flooding. This is where Subaru stepped in and offered up some help.

Subaru provided all 25 Cream School classrooms a whole bunch of supplies. Each classroom got a sort of classroom supply starter kit which included 200 pre-sharpened pencils, six packs of loose leaf lined writing paper, a classroom set of crayons, a set of dry erase markers and eraser, Sharpies, and Post-It notes.

The school was able to reopen a week after the incident but couldn’t use the damaged classrooms. Instead, it reopened in a new building in an unused school on the other side of town. Obviously moving an entire K-8 school to the other side of town is no small feat. The crew at Subaru helped to make that feat a little easier to accomplish.

Boxes of supplies ready for donation from Subaru, Subaru

Speaking on the gift Sandy Capell, corporate responsibility and philanthropy manager at Subaru of America, said, “Subaru works closely with Camden schools as part of our Subaru Camden Works and Subaru Loves Learning initiatives. As soon as we heard about how these hardworking teachers’ classrooms were impacted by the flooding, we knew we had to help. We wish Cream School teachers, staff and students a great second half of the school year in their new home.”

Subaru recently announced it's moving its U.S. headquarters to Camden this year. Helping out in the community like this is a great way to ensure it gets a warm welcome.