Winter Weather Transforms Knoxville Bridge into a Curling Rink

Twitter user posts video of one vehicle managing to get through without hitting others piled up on icy overpass in Tennessee.

Bridges typically become icy before the roads leading to them, as elevated structures don’t get the warmth from the ground below them.

That little bit of science—or lack of it—was on full display on a bridge in Knoxville, Tennessee, in a video posted on Twitter Monday: 

Amid weather reports on Monday that placed the high at one degree Fahrenheit in Knoxville, the Twitter video showed one car managing to get through without hitting the other eight vehicles assembled on the ice-laden bridge.

Ice and rain had motorists sliding across roads, down embankments, and into other vehicles on Monday, with more than 60 traffic crashes reported during a five-hour period in Knox County. And that did not include scenarios of where cars “just slid off the roadway,” a police department spokesperson told the

Knox News.

No serious injuries were reported, the spokesperson added.

The inclement weather had police officers moving into cars equipped with studded tires to help with calls for service from on the road, a local CBS affiliate reported.