Subaru Will Give Its Entire Lineup 50th Anniversary Editions

Subbie goes big for its 50th anniversary in the United States.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Nov 24, 2017 8:35 AM
Subaru Will Give Its Entire Lineup 50th Anniversary Editions

Subaru of America is coming up on its 50th anniversary in the United States, and it wants to celebrate by releasing limited editions of its whole lineup next year. This means that every car it makes, from the BRZ to the WRX will get a version with a 50th Anniversary Edition badge slapped on.

Subaru of America

Unfortunately that's about all Subaru will tell us about its mysterious limited edition vehicles right now, although it also mentioned that the variants will be available for high-level trims and share a special new color. We'd be lying if we said that part of us isn't hoping for something akin to World Rally blue with gold wheels, the quintessential color scheme of the WRX. 

We can thank businessman Malcom Bricklin for Subaru's interest in the American market. After tons of red tape and setbacks, Bricklin founded Subaru of America on Feb. 15th, 1968 with COO and fellow businessman Harvey Lamm. The subsidiary started selling the adorable Subaru 360 microcar at first, eventually partnering with Isuzu to build the Subaru Legacy and Isuzu Rodeo in the 1980s. 

Since then, Subaru of America has produced a full lineup of iconic vehicles and is especially known in the motorsport community for its involvement in rallying. It has also given back to the community far more than other brands with countless charity events like Subaru Share the Love.

Thanks to its altruistic nature it's giving back again, and we can't wait to see what it has in store for these limited edition models.