Avoid Your Family This Thanksgiving with Aston Martin's Vantage Configurator

Even if the Vantage is out of your price range, this sure beats enduring another one of your uncle's political rants.


Aston Martin's configurator for the new Vantage is now live, giving you the perfect excuse to spend the next several hours putting together your dream British sports car instead of making awkward small talk with the cousins from Florida. 

What will it be? A black-on-black-on-black, carbon-laden, eventual dust-and-fingerprint magnet tailored for Bruce Wayne, a flamboyant, Kermit Green middle finger to subtlety and good taste, or an Anglophilic, red, white, and blue tribute to the Union Jack? The possibilities are as wide as the Palace of Westminster. Hot tip: be sure to switch over to the "Q Palette" when perusing exterior paint jobs if you prefer your Astons a little more... outgoing. 

As for myself, I'll have an MI6-approved Skyfall Silver Vantage with the silver, ten-spoke wheels, please. Carbon on the lip, side skirts, and diffuser, but nowhere else. Oh, and since I'm a sucker for red brake calipers, please add four of those to the invoice. Aston headrest logo embroidered, not embossed. 


The new Vantage configurator can be found here. Even if the $150,000 Aston Martin is out of your tax bracket and will be for the foreseeable future, it sure beats enduring another one of your uncle's political rants.

2019 Aston Martin Vantage -- /CHEATSHEET
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