Polestar May Soon Reveal a 600 HP Hybrid Coupe to Beat the Germans

Sign us up for some Swede speed.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Oct 13, 2017 9:05 AM
Polestar May Soon Reveal a 600 HP Hybrid Coupe to Beat the Germans

Polestar announced earlier this year that it will be branching off from Volvo to strictly produce performance hybrids and electric vehicles, and it looks as if we may be getting our first taste of that come Oct. 17. In a report from Dutch website Auto Motor and Sport, Polestar has hinted that the company's first bespoke model will be a 600-horsepower coupe with a partially electric drivetrain.

According to this report, the car will be able to launch from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than four seconds, making it Polestar's quickest work yet. Additionally, it's expected that production models will start shipping sometime in 2019, meaning that the concept version will likely be unmasked first.

Polestar has been teasing the design of this new model on its Instagram account with updates being revealed piece by piece. A puzzle layout leaves some to our imagination, forcing us to guess until the car is officially revealed next week. 


A rendering was performed by auto artist "vvmasterdrfan" that completes the picture, creating what looks to be a spot-on representation of the sleek Swede. 

We don't expect to hear about pricing and availability until the car is officially launched. With the road-going version not coming for another two years, it'd be reasonable to assume a few tweaks in the design by the time it hits showroom floors. Regardless of how it looks, a 600 hp riot would be plenty to offset the German competition, and if Polestar wants to be taken seriously in this heated performance market, this could be its key to doing so.