ChargePoint Creates App to Help Users Pay for Electric Car Charging More Easily

Smartphone and electric cars have come a long way in a few years, and now they're innovating together.

The electric car train isn’t showing signs of stopping anytime soon, but the infrastructure it requires is still huffing and puffing at the platform. Charging stations are finally commonplace, but ease of use and no-cost perks that EV companies have been promising aren’t holding up. Those ignorant to electric cars may be shocked to hear that even Tesla is beginning to charge for on-the-go Supercharging. 

While it can’t do much about the cost, car-charging infrastructure company ChargePoint wants to make it easier to use and pay for supercharging at its 40,000 stations across the country. The California-native company told the Los Angeles Times that it is introducing a smartphone application that utilizes “Tap to Pay” technology to make paying for fast-charging seamless and intuitive. 

The app is available on Android right now, and will available to iPhone users later this month with Apple Watch support. The payment process takes just two steps: “Tap” your device on a ChargePoint station, and plug your EV in to begin charging. There are no complex touch screens to deal with.

ChargePoint’s efforts are designed to take plug n’ play (in this case plug n’ pay) to the next level, making electric cars as accessible as possible. The company knows that making charging easier than filling up at a gas tank will attract more people to electric cars, which is what will keep the company in business. 

“ChargePoint is committed to getting every driver behind the wheel of an EV,” explained ChargePoint Chief Marketing Officer Colleen Jansen.

The LA Times pointed out that ChargePoint’s new payment system is a huge boost for accessibility in the EV community, as the company’s stations can be used by any car—unlike manufacturers like Tesla, which reserve their charging stations for their own cars.