Parrot Ups Its Game With the Parrot Bebop 2 Power Drone

Parrot's new Bebop 2 Power model is a big upgrade of its former model, and aimed to take advantage of the company's new Skycontroller and FPV Cockpitglasses.

While we’ll have a full review of the Parrot Bebop 2 Power drone for you next week, an introductory look at the company’s new UAV seems in order. 

We recently reported on their new Mambo FPV drone, which seemed like a fun, affordable way to get into first-person drone use. A few days later, Parrot revealed their new Bebop 2 Power drone, which seems like a substantial upgrade from not only its former model, but Parrot drones, in general. 

With a significant revamping of its hardware and software, the Bebop 2 Power comes equipped with a new set of batteries that extend flight time to 30 minutes per pack. According to a company press release, it’ll be compatible with the new Cockpitglasses 2 just like the Mambo FPV is, can alter its flight modes to focus on image stabilization, and stay in the air for up to a half hour at a time. Weighing only 1.15 pounds, the Bebop 2 Power can be launched simply by throwing it in the air, like the infamous Lily Next-Gen claimed it would be. Have a look at this promo video for the drone below to get a more informative look at the footage this thing can capture.

Fortunately, this UAV comes with everything you’d need to get the full experience Parrot wants you to have. The FPV Cockpitglasses 2, the new batteries (which significantly extend flight time from Parrot’s earlier models), as well as the new Skycontroller 2 (with a range of up to 1.24 miles) are all included in the box. Have a look below for what you’d get right out the box. Of course, with a price tag of $599.99, it’d be a shame to sell these vital components separately.

Bebop 2 Power drone, Cockpitglasses 2, Skycontroller 2, and 2 batteries., Parrot

In order to pilot this drone with your smartphone, you’ll have to download the FreeFlight Pro app. As someone whose introduction to drones was through a Parrot Mambo, I can attest that Parrot’s earlier iteration of the app, FreeFlight Mini, was easy to use, and most importantly, free. Here’s what it would look like to use a tablet on the Skycontroller 2 while piloting the Bebop 2 Power.

The Parrot Bebop 2 Power being pilot using a tablet on a Skycontroller 2. , Parrot

Now, while the Bebop 2 Power has a variety of A.I.-assisted movements to shoot clear and cinematic footage, as well as several preprogrammed flight paths to either follow you or take exciting tracking shots, we’ll have to test drive this UAV ourselves before attesting to whether or not it’s a success. However, it seems like Parrot has been carving a clear path in the recreational drone market that it’s following with confidence. Every few months there’s a new item marking clear progression by the company, and it looks like the Bebop 2 Power drone is just the latest in that chain. 

Of course, we’ll make sure to report back once we’ve tested the Bebop 2 Power ourselves. Stay tuned next week for a comprehensive look!