Budget Friendly 2017 VW Tiguan Limited Starts at $22,860

Fully loaded, the 2017 Tiguan Limited is still cheaper than a base 2018 model.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Aug 21, 2017 12:10 PM
Budget Friendly 2017 VW Tiguan Limited Starts at $22,860

Looking for a new crossover on a tight budget? Volkswagen has your back. They’re now offering what they call the Tiguan Limited, a 2017 budget model of the now-previous generation Tiguan. With the bigger, all-new 2018 model arriving in showrooms, a stripped-down version of the old Tiguan is a value proposition starting at just $22,860 (with destination) which undercuts the base 2018 Tiguan by a significant $3,350.

The Tiguan Limited technically only has one trim, but there are two available packages. There’s a wheel package for $495 and a Premium package for $1,295. Good news/bad news about the Premium package. Good news; it adds some nice creature comforts for not much money. Bad news; you need to buy it if you want cruise control.

Other features included with the Premium package include a 6.33-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, roof rails, and the luxurious aforementioned cruise control. The base model with none of the added packages is pretty spartan, but still a good value. It has cloth seats, 16-inch steelies, a six-speed transmission rather than an eight-speed, and a 5-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth and a rearview camera. It’s not fancy, but it’s decent bang for the buck.

Under the hood of every 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Limited will be a 2.0-liter TSI turbo-four. You can also get 4Motion all-wheel drive! We’re not sure how much extra that costs, but we know that it’s an option. We also don’t know when exactly these will arrive in showrooms, Volkswagen simply says they’re coming “soon.”